Citavi 3.2

A utilty that offers you support in your research process
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Citavi is a utility that offers you support in your research process, helping you manage gathered resources, extract relevant information from them and plan your research project.
The utility allows for 100 references to be gathered and organized. For each reference, several fields can be filled in a special form organized into six different tabs. Such fields refer to a title, author, cover image, abstract, keywords, table of contents, evaluation, language, price, ISBN, number of volumes, quotations and others. A search tool allows for items to be found in the reference list that give words from certain filled-in fields.

The knowledge section consists of extracted pieces of information that are linked to the reference section. The category column, keyword column and tasks tab allow for items to be listed according to the categories they are included in and to the keywords and tasks they have been assigned to. Examples of tasks are "borrow", "excerpt quotations", "write or edit abstract", and other custom ones can also be assigned to each reference during the research planning process.

Upon filling in fields to describe references, lists of keywords, categories, publishers, libraries and others are automatically created, so that information can be accessed using several criteria. References can be quoted in open Word documents directly from the utility or copied to clipboard. All these actions make information management and browsing easier and more efficient processes.

In conclusion, Citavi is a useful piece of software for those who need to browse and manage large amounts of information from various sources for their research projects.

Margie Smeer
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  • Extracted knowledge can be linked to references.
  • Several fields can be filled in to describe the selected references.
  • Several criteria can be used in accessing needed information


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