Citavi 5.2

Reference management, knowledge organization, task planning, pdf annotation
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Citavi combines world-class reference management (with a powerful citation style engine that can handle the most demanding styles) with comprehensive knowledge organization to help you build knowledge out of information, and a task planner to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

For books and papers you already have, just enter an ISBN, DOI name, or PubMed ID and Citavi retrieves the bibliographic information.

Citavi lets you search more than 4800 library catalogs and databases, including databases from information providers like OCLC, EBSCO, Elsevier, Ovid, Thomson Reuters and ProQuest. Citavi's exclusive Picker extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer look for ISBNs and DOI names on Web pages and let you save the reference with just a click. And in many Web-based databases, such as PubMed, WorldCat and Google Scholar, the Picker can automatically send search results to Citavi. The Picker also lets you easily save text passages, complete with citation. Citavi's Task Planner helps you stay on top of all the tasks involved in scholarly work. You'll never forget to read an article, return a book, or turn in a paper. The Knowledge Organizer in Citavi lets you save direct and indirect quotations -- and your thoughts -- from references you read, so you don't forget a page number or source, nor why you saved it. You can annotate PDFs in Citavi, and organize quotations and thoughts with categories, so you can group related items to find them later, or to use as an outline for a paper. You can also apply keywords and groups to help describe the quotations and thoughts. Citavi's publishing features make it easy to create task lists, manuscripts for a paper, and of course complete bibliographies in several thousand citation styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. Integration with Word, works also with Writer and popular LaTeX editors. MS SQL Server version for teams lets you share projects with collaborators without having to use a cloud service.

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