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Manages references, ideas, tasks and other elements for your research project
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Citavi is a powerful software tool designed for students, teachers, researchers and any person involved in scientific investigation and research processes. The program allows you to manage references, quotations, comments, tasks, library locations and thoughts/ideas. Besides, it includes a practical online search tool that finds books, articles and other scientific jobs and adds them to your project very easily.

Creating a new project is a very simple task, as all you need to provide is a name for it. Once you do so, you can start adding references to it, either manually or automatically using the online search tool, which is a very powerful one. It allows you to type one or more keywords for the author and/or title of the work (wildcards are admitted), and you can optionally select a year range. Besides, you can select the database or catalog your are interested in, and then press the "Search" button. You can add all the found results as references for your project at once, or select those you consider relevant. The information is organized into several tabs like Overview, Reference, Content, Context, Quotations and Tasks. They, in turn, contain all the detailed information about the book/article in question, like its title, subtitle, author(s), year, place of publication, publisher, edition, ISBN, page count, source, abstract, keywords, covert art and more. Of course, you can complement that information with your own quotations, comments and tasks.

Besides the already mentioned Reference Editor, Citavi also provides you with the Knowledge Organizer and the Task Planner. The former allows you to manage direct and indirect quotations, summaries, images and comments, while the latter can be used to add and tracks different kinds of tasks for your project. In addition, it's worth mentioning that Citavi installs an add-on called the "Citavi Picker", both for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It detects any ISBN number displayed on any webpage, searches for its related information online and adds it to your project as a new reference automatically.

All in all, Citavi is a must-have for any student, teacher or professional who is working on one or more research projects. As you can see, the program is a very comprehensive tool that provides them with multiple practical ways to manage their references and other related information. Unfortunately, the program may be pretty expensive, especially for students, considering that surely there are other similar tools out there they can find even for free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Manages very detailed information about your research project.
  • Searches online for books and articles.
  • Select the online database(s) or catalog(s) to be queried.
  • Complement the gathered information with your own.
  • Plan and manage tasks for your projects.
  • Installs add-ons for Firefox and IE, for easy ISBN detection and search


  • It's pretty expensive
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